Best Slippers EVER | Halifax Photographer

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This post really has nothing to do with photography…except the image that I snapped while sitting in bed. I have never been a sock person or a slipper person for that matter. However. I purchased these exact same slippers for … Continue reading

2011 and a new start to blogging.

It’s February 2011 and I’ve decided to once again try this blogging out. I’m going to TRY to set some blogging rules for my this year. Blog every day. It doesn’t matter what my blog is about..I just have to blog. Here’s a few other personal and business goals for the year.

* read more books. alright let’s stop right there. We all know I’m not a book let’s make this goal read more photography, business and industry books. sound good?
* better my photoshop skills and techniques
* make more time for family and friends
* get more into a business sense
* take more personal images

That’s only a few of my goals for this year. We all need to start somewhere right. I hope this blogging gets a lot easier with time.